Own business after graduation: where to start? Resources, training, money

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Own business after graduation: where to start? Resources, training, money

Already on May 4 start exams, and many students still do not know what he will do after their sentence. For assistance may come to their program "The first business - support at the start," in which young people receive support in setting up the company.

May 4 start this year's matriculation exams. Many people who join them, there are no definite plans for the future. Part dreams of specific directions, but still not sure that you do get. But there are some who are reluctant to think about continuing education. In recent years, the value of the diplomas, and the most appreciated and so are the graduates of the best universities in the country. In addition, visible for some time problems in the labor market, discouraged young to learn. Therefore, those who prefer immediately after graduation to take care of business, they get the chance!

"The first business - support for start" is a program run by the Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Policy. Within it, you can apply for funds to start their own business, which is what most young businessmen missing. In this case, money is almost at your fingertips - just have a good idea and determination sufficient to achieve the intended objectives. The funds are not paid within the framework of non-repayable grants.

Help Ministry of Labour takes the form of loans on preferential terms. The highest amount that has so far been paid to 81 338 eur. The loan was granted for a period of 7 years. Very good were also other conditions of the loan. The interest rate is only 0.44% per annum. You can also use the annual grace period, which shall not be held in this connection at no additional cost. To learn more about the program, you should look for information on the department or the program itself, either directly from one of the financial intermediaries.

Besides loans, young people will have the opportunity to take advantage of the free training and free advice of professional business advisors. Topics discussed at such meetings will include the developing a business plan, establishing and running a business and accounting.