How to get rich in times of crisis?


How to get rich in times of crisis?

"The need for speed"

Free are left behind. Today, everything changes very quickly and it happens that someone earns a great rate, and not just for a month (24 hours a day, seven days a week). And absolutely not about toiled 24 hours a day.

In the "new economy" is knowledge it becomes money (knowledge is included in the price).

Stocks, real estate, commodities are not important. It is important to know about them. Information is included in the price.

Learn how to properly use debt (credit).

Debt is not bad. Misuse debt is bad. Debt can make you become rich or poor.

Prepare for bad times, and you will know only the good (experience only the good ones).

For some, the crisis is a crisis, and for others a great opportunity to make money.

Learn to control cash flow (play with us in cash flow).

Today many people are in financial trouble because too much money flows out of their pocket, and too little affect.

Learn the "language of money"

By investing a little time to learn the "language of money" you will be able to better assess arise opportunities to earn money. You do not give up so easily fooled as anyone you talk about some kind of great investment opportunity.

If schools taught the "language of money" would be more entrepreneurs who are creating new jobs.

To change your life you must first change your thinking and what they say. Constant complaining, full of pessimism statements only exacerbate the problem. Wealth begins with the words, and words are free. Words are the fuel for our brain and shape our reality. If you use the wrong words will have inappropriate thoughts and life is not like you wanted.

It's easy to know whether one is rich or poor the same words that the person speaks.

Focus more on selling and less on shopping.

If you want to be rich then you have to sell a lot more than buy.

Generally it can be said that in the financial world we have to deal with the site sellers and buyers. The sellers are the rich and the poor and middle class are the buyers.

Many people limping financially because they have nothing or very little for sale. Or they can not sell. If limping financially to find something you can sell, you improve your sales skills or both. Sale does not go to the best products and services, but to those who know them best sell. In other words, the lack of sales skills is very expensive.

One of the best ways to improve your sales skills is to start working with a company operating in the system of network marketing. The training that you get there and, in particular, the ability to overcome their fear of failure is priceless. It is definitely a great idea for your own business after hours.

Learn to "print their own money."

Knowledge is included in the price. It is not about knowledge acquired in school. People who have financial expertise have an advantage to those with knowledge "school". This principle is related to the principle No. 1. It is the lack of financial knowledge led us to the crisis and financial education can take us out of him.