A good coach asks the right questions


A good coach asks the right questions

If you want to share this article with others, use the attached cable or buy a license. This will help us in providing you valuable content. Terms of use of the articles Coaching no long time good PR. It has become fashionable derision from all forms of development, and work on oneself. But it does not seem to have a major impact on customers who are still eager to benefit from professional support in developing their competence.

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Increasingly important question: "What is coaching" becomes other: "what coaching is not." Customers professional coaches in the talks stressed that certainly is not a one-time, and for this group, the session with the person whose closer to the showman than a coach. Coaching is a process that helps to take the right direction whether in professional life or private. This conversation conducted in such a way that the mentors he decided, what are its strengths, what are the priorities, what it restricts. It is the art of asking the right questions. Coach does not give mentorowanemu ready-made solutions or recipes for living tells us one of the clients certified coach. Coaching is conscious customer who is able to distinguish speech from motivational coaching. For a person who comes to the whole process in a rational manner, as to the expectations, less guided by emotions, while the more strategic in developing their soft skills says, entrepreneur, co-founder of start-drop Saas Genius.

In , more than ten years of work of the International Coach Federation, the largest and oldest organization for coaches. The world belongs to it 25 thousand. professionals. The appropriate standards of care in this environment too: European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC), Polish Association of Coaching and Coaching House. That the so-called. motivational speakers and others who call themselves coachami thrown into one bag with professionals, is of course very beneficial and image for the latter group. Coach is now supporting the password, because it is defined as a lot of people. In there are 250 coaches who are members of ICF , less than 900 are accredited to our organization. They include psychologists, business coaches, as well as former executives who have resigned from work in korporacjii decided that they want to work outside the company says Artur Michalski, president of the International Coach Federation.

A professional coach is obliged to observe the code of ethics a list of rules for talking about it, including in what kind of relationship should not go in and how they should behave ethically at every stage of the process. This is important because customers use the services of a coach in matters of private and professional. Business Coaching is a process that allows companies to support the development of employees. The coaching process is meeting individual or group whose purpose is to raise the competence of the manager, specific team or employees with high potential explains the president of ICF. Notes that the topics discussed during the sessions with the coach are confidential. Reports submitted the company apply only to the general part of the process, relate to the objectives set at the tripartite agreement between coach and client of the company that pays the process says.

It is interesting that in the coaching reigns buzz marketing. I took the advice of a colleague, business owner, who reached for this form of support. It was my conscious choice supported by a specific recommendation, which was to cost ratio. Seeing quick results, a colleague decided to also purchase the coaching support for the two managers at his company resulted in a 30-40 percent increase in the efficiency of their work. Also increased their sense of responsibility says.

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Coaching most strongly developed in the United States. Rustic companies employ the most coaches, would you Marxism on the development strategy of leadership of key people in the company, their communication competence, improving teamwork and decision-making, increase engagement and employee productivity.

According to research the ICF in 2015. Increased the number of companies offering external coaching, and already 1/3 of companies (mainly in North America) is a separate part of the budget dedicated to coaching. According to , sociologist, author and coach, when coaching became popular, especially in business and Coaches began to receive high salaries, many people from the industry training and advisory finished writing itself still on the card, "coaching." You can in this field to abuse and can effectively help companies and organizations. Criticize coaching is like saying that the team of is unnecessary Pep Guardiola. And athletes need not only strength training, but above all motivation says.

It is believed that the unforgivable sin pseudocoachów is that the abuse liability. Coaching, tutoring, mentoring very clearly define the mentor and client, teacher and student. Coach is responsible for setting training for the customer that you will give your all and take responsibility for your training. Without this there is no change. In contrast, a motivational speaker say, come to me, and I'll tell you how to be happy. These techniques used by psychological manipulation and impact are very suggestive, especially in a crowd. But not for long. This is the same mechanism as that which can be observed in large masses led by pastors-healers. An appeal to a higher impact techniques, elements of stage hypnosis all this builds a mood of miraculous healing. For such big events is the atmosphere that people actually get up from the wheelchair. Except for a few minutes emphasizes.