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CANDY magazine was launched June 2005 to showcase Irish creativity alongside international equivalents to a worldwide audience. Since then 10 downloadable pdf format issues have been released to local and international acclaim and our focus has changed somewhat to showcasing and promoting great creatives and their work wherever they may be.

CANDY is, and will always be, digitally produced and distributed as w believe that, above even the obvious ecological benefits, this is the quickest, easiest and most cost effective way of making sure as many people as possible see the people and projects featured in our magazine. Once we publish a new issue and upload it’s there for anyone to download, simple.

Candy is an independently produced digital magazine. To read it you need the Adobe Acrobat Reader, which you can download for free at:

Marketing online store

Assuming an online store is worth considering the question of proper marketing.

First, we take care of the best Internet domain. Good Internet domain should be unique - a short, easy to remember and pronounce. It is worth remembering that the domain is the flagship online store.

So that customers can make purchases through the online store must first learn about it. It is worth to place advertisements on dedicated websites. The best solution for increasing the number of visits to the store is an investment in its positioning. Very good advertisement may be also advertising on Facebook or other social networks. For this type of portals you can create a fanpage store, which will gain fans - potential customers. However, the profile of our catalog on social networks was frequented, it is necessary to regularly available to him interesting for the user entries.

An important issue when zyskiwaniu the favor of customers is also suitable design of our shop. The website should be clear and easy to use. It should also ensure that the descriptions of the products offered to encourage the purchase - for tenders should also attach photos of products in high quality.

Ways to promote online store is a lot. At the beginning you need to use as many ways of advertising to create brand awareness among potential consumers.