Safety name, or how to protect your company's name?

Selecting company name

Coming out of the house certainly close the door to protect your assets. Leading company Your greatest asset becomes your brand. Already at the stage of the names you can protect yourself against unfair competition and other dangers. Read how to create a safe name for your business and how to protect your business name.

When creating the name of the business should make sure that the name was safe. On the one hand, it is to does not violate the rights of other companies on the market, on the other hand to ensure the protection of the company name to do not become a victim of acts of unfair competition in the future. The case seems all the more complicated that the market there are countless companies both in our country and beyond its borders. A number of operators, so their signs.

Legal analysis of the good name

Before you decide to put the new company name on all materials and documents, corporate check to see if it can freely use .Currently it is much easier, because of the available systems that combine database of trademarks registered in most countries of the world. If you are planning to operate in foreign markets you need to be sure that the name you use does not interfere with other already existing on the target market.
If you are versed in industrial property law, you can analyze, recording and monitoring yourself. However, if you do not know the current rules and regulations of trademark registration in Poland and in the world, you should consider instructing the Name Registration Company patent attorney or a company that professionally deals with the creation of good and secure names. Professional agencies namingowe (and there are only a few in Poland) cooperate with patent attorneys, the Patent Office and the lawyers involved in the protection of intellectual property. The Agency shall prepare a report for you about the possibility of registration and protection of your name. If you wish, you can use the service by which you will be informed of any emerging opportunities violation of your rights to the character. You can outsource such an agency is also a comprehensive list of services to create the name, reservation sign, analysis, and monitoring whether other entities do not report signs similar or identical to your - so you get a comprehensive service in one place and, if necessary, in time react to the violation of your rights (eg. by opposition to the Polish Patent Office.

The information that you can get by analyzing the legal name of the company is m. In .:
  • or company name is not being used by another company in the same industry,
  • Can we use the sign in question and it is not, eg. A word commonly used, or too general,
  • in which classes of goods it is possible to register a trade mark,
  • what legal requirements arise when it comes to mandatory elements of the name.

Thanks to the legal analysis will be sure that nobody in the future will not have the right to pick you strong brand, relying on a legal flaw.

linguistic analysis of a business name

Another essential element in creating a good name for your business is analysis of language (linguistic) . It is especially important for companies that plan to act not only on the domestic market, but also beyond the borders of our state. One of the elements that make up the linguistic analysis is, of course linguistic correctness. Any lapsusy (even intentional) are very badly seen by potential customers and may be construed as misconduct on the part of the company. If after the correctness of spelling, also agrees style name, it is good to check whether its wording or record does not in other countries something undesirable. For example - a lot of trouble had the car manufacturers placing their products on the Spanish market (or, more generally, a Spanish - language that is spoken by over half a billion people in the world). Mazda Laputa is a woman of easy virtue, Mitsubishi Pajero - masturbator, Nissan Moco - a person notorious for picking his nose and Chevrolet Nova - as two words (no-va) means simply "does not drive", while Opel Ascona - means neither more nor less only women's genitals ...
Entering the market where our company name or product by negative associations will have the right to take the good with customers, it can cause, we will lose a lot of money and time to enter the market, while obtaining a very small effect.

Purity patent and trademark protection

A good name of the company, subject to certain conditions imposed by the legislation can be protected by trademark. When we take care of it already, that the name of our business does not hit the rights of other market players, it can apply for extra protection of the name. If necessary, more effectively we enforce our rights, defending themselves against the effects of unfair competition. Such trademark protection we can get in Polish (National Trade Mark), European Union (EU Trade Mark) or a significant part of the State of the World (International Commodity sign). For the trade mark has received legal protection must have known. purity patent [trademark]. This means that the chosen company name must be unique can not be pre-reserved by another entity, should be in accordance with currently valid legislation and principles social intercourse . If a particular recorder registered trademarks will issue a decision on the possibility of registration, upon payment of the appropriate fee, our company name is protected by law in a given area, for a period of 10 years (with the possibility of przełużenia the period of the next decade).

A good company name is not only catchy, but also safe Name , which, unfortunately, many entrepreneurs forget. Properly designed designation of the undertaking is a guarantee that, if necessary, effectively we protect our trademark before its possible violations. If you do not want to become a victim of the market, be sure to follow the above rules, promote the company name and become the beneficial owner of a strong brand!