Who, when and where you can start a company and how much it costs and takes to start a company


Who, when and where you can start a company and how much it costs and takes to start a company

Who? How much? How? When? Where? For how much? - Basic questions before starting a company. Ever you wonder who can start a business? How much more or less the last registration of a company? When you start to take full advantage of preferences ZUS? In this article you will learn what you need to know before you put your company.

Who can start a business?

You have an idea for a business and you ever wonder whether he can run a business? We have good news for you: if you are an adult that does not have to almost any obstacles! Every adult citizen of Polish can set up and run a business.

In making, execution, suspension of the exercise and the end of economic activity is available to everyone on an equal footing, and is guaranteed in the Constitution, that is the most important piece of legislation in Poland, and in the Act on freedom of economic activity in 2004.

Who can not conduct business?

However, there are certain groups of people, who can not run a business. These are public officials who can not carry out activities or sit on the supervisory board, the audit committee clearance board of directors. This is to protect against corruption. Another group who can not conduct business there are people who by court order were banned from doing business. This prohibition means deprivation of the right to conduct business on their own account or in the form of a civil partnership, and as a member of the supervisory board, audit committee, representative or proxy of a natural person engaged in business activity in the field of business, commercial company, state enterprise, cooperative, foundation or association for a period of one to ten years. This prohibition may be ordered to entrepreneurs fallen (the entity to which the bankruptcy court has ruled on the bankruptcy), and against a trader who does not perform its due monetary obligations or has committed an offense committed in the course of business, if further its conduct jeopardizes the essential dobrom protected by law. Limitation of economic freedom in Poland is also permissible in extreme cases, that is because of the important public interest (it can be eg. An epidemic or war).

Not every business can easily

There are also some limitations on who can start a business because of the type of the business. In some areas of the business you need to get the appropriate license from the state, license or entry in the special register of regulated activity. Such regulations were introduced for safety reasons - to conduct certain types of companies have to demonstrate the relevant competence, powers or additional concessions. This applies, for example, the bank was founded, conducting gas station, sale of alcohol, etc. For information on what types of business require the consent of the state you will find, among others, on the Central Registration and Information on Economic Activity.

In other cases, if you have full legal capacity, that is, as a rule, you are over 18, you can go ahead and implement in your business. It is worth remembering that since Poland in 2004. Became a member of the European Union, every citizen of other EU Member States may establish a company in Poland on the same terms as Polish citizens. Of course, it works both ways, that is, as a Pole there are no obstacles you ran a business in their preferred EU country, eg. In Germany, Slovakia and the UK.

Business activity can result in your chosen format. There are a wide spectrum of choices: you can set up a one-man business - if you're going to lead a small business and be himself the boss and worker into one. You can also start to do business with other entrepreneurs and set up a company. You can choose between a partnership, partnerships, and capital companies. Factors you should consider taking a final decision on the form include, among others, the requirements concerning the initial capital, the scope of liability or the formalities associated with starting a business.

What is it and how to choose the subject of your business?

At the forefront, you should consider is the core business of your company's future. Regardless, in what legal form you want to drive your business, you need to specify the type carried out their activities in accordance with applicable code system PKD. PKD, or Polish Classification of Economic Activities is a collection of types of socio-economic activity that occur in the national economy. PKD is used in statistics, records, documentation, accounting and official registers and information systems of public administration. PKD codes are also necessary to the classification of operators for the register of units of the national economy (code).

Giving codes PKD is necessary at the moment of setting up your business, and if the entrepreneur changes or expands its business. The PKD any type of business is assigned its own unique code.

Codes are composed of sections, divisions, groups, classes and subclasses. For example, if you want to open your restaurant is an activity that is in the Section I: activities Accommodation and food service in the department 56 - service activities in the board.

What are the legal forms of business?

From the choice of the legal form of economic activity will depend on the costs of its registration and the conditions for its continuation. The company can be carried out as follows: one-man business, a partnership, a partnership (or general partnership, partnership, limited partnership and limited joint-stock company) or commercial company (ie a company with limited liability and joint stock company).

One-man business is the simplest form of legal business. As its name suggests - it involves one person. It is a form suitable for small, just starting their business enterprises. Partnership is assumed on the basis of an agreement between the partners, its simplicity in registration and formalities equals one-man business. General partnership is a form of economic activity usually created by a small number of partners who contribute to the company's own capital. A partnership designed to operate in the joint exercise of professions, eg. Dentist, nurse or interpreter. Limited partnership and limited joint-stock company is a form of business gospodarczejpolegające to divide among themselves by shareholders liable for the obligations of the company. General partners make a greater contribution and fully responsible for the debts of the company, while the limited partners or shareholders are liable in the smaller, limited part. A limited liability company is one of the most popular methods of conducting business in Poland. Its advantage is that the shareholders of the company do not correspond to its assets for the debts of the company. The joint stock company is the most complex form of business for which you need to accumulate a large capital.

How long it takes to start a company?

In the minds of many people the process of setting up a business is associated with the months of waiting for various permits and dozens of forms and applications to fill out. Nothing could be further from the truth, if you choose the simplest form of doing business! If you choose to sole proprietorship all the formalities can be taken care of even in a few hours!

How long it takes to start a company?

Of course the time the company was founded is closely linked to the legal form you choose. The fastest in the registration is, as already mentioned, one-man business, you can register at your local council. The application for registration of the company can also be submitted on-line using the form available on the CEIDG what else speeds up the whole process. This is possible without a visit to the Municipal Office, if you have the profile of a trusted e -PUAP or secure electronic signature. If you are not using these solutions, you can also fill out an application on the Internet, but can not do without a visit to the Office. In this case, the completed application is stored in the system for 7 days from the date of filling. Officer finds an application in CEIDG after the code the application, print and submit the applicant to sign.

You can also fill out the paper and take it to the commune office. All the formalities usually last from one to several hours - depending on the city and attendance in offices. A business can be set up quickly in the offices of cities or municipalities that have the viewpoints of ZUS and tax office, because then all the formalities can be done in one building. Concerns may be only a matter of NIP. If you do not have it to get NIP have to wait up to 3 days. But actually, you can start working after gaining entry to the CEIDG and registration in ZUS, as the status of active entrepreneurs are obtained when the official confirmed the acceptance of the application. It is worth noting that this service completely free of charge. Similarly, the registration of the company looks for a civil partnership. Also, all the paperwork processed in the Office of the municipality. All shareholders of civilians must first register as a One-person enterprises and provide them with an agreement of the company and report it to the office of the municipality. As you can see, we have given ourselves the question: how long it takes to start a company, in the case of the simplest forms of business their registration is not so time-consuming and labor-intensive.

In the case of other companies than civilian, for their registration it is necessary to obtain entry into the National Court Register. Therefore, the application for registration of the company is examined by the court and usually it takes on average several weeks. The longest it takes to register a joint stock company, as a result of its more complicated nature. Therefore, very few aspiring entrepreneurs opting for this form of business.

When to start a business?

Many novice traders make the mistake of registering your company on the first day of the month. Do you know why it is more profitable to register your company on September 2 than 1 September? This involves some (of course 100% legal) way to extend preferences in the payment of lower social security contributions. Persons engaged in self employment each month pay the same contributions to social insurance, health and labor fund ZUS. For the first two years the entrepreneur can benefit from incentives and pay lower premiums. Not everyone is aware that the length of the reduction depends on the date of commencement of business. The right to a smaller insurance premiums have through the first full 24 months of business. Therefore, if we start another business day of the month than the first period of 24 months will be counted only from the following month. For example, if you register a sole proprietorship on September 1, 2016. This will pay lower social security contributions for the first 24 months, ie for the period from 1 September 2016 to 31 August 2018. For the September 2018 r. Pay already full extent of the contribution. If you register your company one day later, which is 2 September 2016. This period will be extended, because the Social Insurance takes into account full months. This means that you pay lower premiums for the period from 2 September 2016. Until Sept. 31, ie the lower premiums you use nearly a month longer.

How much it costs to start a company?

The costs of the company's founding depend on many factors. For example, registration fees companies are dependent on what legal form you choose. Starting sole proprietorship or partnership is free. Registration partnerships and companies already requires some effort, because in the case of companies it is necessary to gain entry into the National Court Register - the cost of such an entry of 500 zł court fee plus 100 zł for ad first entry in the Court and Economic Monitor.

Assuming the company can be expected also with other costs. When a company of the agreement and memorandum of association must pay tax on civil law transactions. The basis for calculating the tax is the value of contributions to the company's assets or share capital. Tax rate of association is 0.5%. In addition to the tax must also pay compensation to the notary. The laws define precisely the maximum salary, which shall be entitled to the notary for carrying out notarial activities, but each notary sets its own rates, which may be lower than the maximum permissible salary. So let's see., That the notary gets the lower salary.

Companies that carry out transactions with other entrepreneurs on the amount of more than 15 thousand. euro must necessarily lead corporate bank account. Of course, it is associated with costs that depend on which bank you choose. That is why it is worth, you compared the bank offers, because the fees and commissions for carrying out such accounts can vary considerably depending on the bank.

Other costs of establishment may be associated with obtaining any specific permits or licenses. Another group of expenditures on establishment of the company depends on the type of business. You can, eg. Open Internet business, for which you will not have to bear the cost of office rental or purchase of equipment. In other cases, you should consider purchasing a license, rent or purchase premises, cost accounting, the cost of purchasing machinery, equipment, computers and other essential office supplies. There are some activities that need to be incur very high initial investment for the purchase of necessary machinery and materials, eg. In productive activities.